Must Have Features in a Pet Travel Bowl

Must Have Features in a Pet Travel Bowl

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Having the right pet travel bowl can make or break a day spent outdoors with your fuzzy BFF. There’s nothing quite like enjoying nature together with your dog. Whether you’re camping or just taking a fun day trip, travel bowls are an essential pet accessory that can help keep both you and your dog happy.  A hydrated dog makes for a great travel companion!

There are several instances when our dog’s travel bowls helped save the day. If you are like us and take your dog everywhere with you, a pet travel bowl could help save your day too. Do you take Rover with you when you go hiking, camping, wine tasting, vacationing, picnicking, or for a stroll through the farmers market? If so, don’t forget to pack your pooch’s food, fresh water, and treats – and travel bowl. It’ll keep things easy for your pup.

Additionally, having a pet travel bowl tucked away in your purse or pocket saves you the trouble of having your dog drinking out of the communal dog bowl. But can you really tuck a pet travel bowl in your purse? Yes! These bowls are one-size-fits-all so any dog can easily reach all their food and also drink water with ease. They’re foldable and portable so you can easily carry them around with you!

What Makes For a Perfect Pet Travel Bowl?

With all of the pet travel bowls on the market, you might find it difficult to decide which one to buy for your dog. Like any good pet parent, you want to select a good pet travel bowl that’s best meets the needs of your dog’s lifestyle. So, here are things to look out for when shopping for a pet travel bowl:

Safe Materials

One of the first questions to ask is “how safe is this pet travel bowl?” Not all of them are made from safe materials. In the long run, this can be harmful to your pup. You want to look for a superior pet travel bowl made from food grade silicone. This way you know that your dog will eat and drink from a nontoxic, non-petroleum based polymer derived from silica, like what our Happy Camper dog travel bowl is made from.

Sturdy Yet Flexible

Imagine getting a travel bowl only to find that it breaks or cracks after a few weeks. Annoying, right? A travel bowl should be sturdy enough to hold your dog’s food and water without cracking as a result of the pressure. It should also be flexible so you can fold it into your pocket or purse.


Just like our Happy Camper dog travel bowl, an ideal travel bowl should be easily portable. You should be able to toss it in your purse, car, backpack, suitcase, or anything you use to explore without worrying about its weight, or if it will break. This is why we designed our pet travel bowl so that it’s lightweight, collapsible, and easy to carry about. You can even add a carabiner and clip it to your backpack.


A great travel bowl should be able to insulate your dog’s food and keep it either cold or warm. Our Happy Camper dog travel bowl can maintain varying degrees of temperatures from as low as -58C to as high as 650F. And, it does this without breaking, melting, or losing its shape.

Great Design

It’s also important to pay attention to the design of the travel bowl. A quality pet travel bowl should have an outer surface that is grip-honed to allow for easy handling. While the inner surface should be smooth and polished for your dog’s consumption ease. Likewise, make sure that any of the markings, logo, etc., do not wear off, chip or fade.

Durable and Reusable

The best value for your money is to find a pet travel bowl that is dishwasher-,

freezer-, and microwave-safe. Also, one that is solid and durable so that it doesn’t break down with reuse. Because you like to go everywhere with your dog – you’ll want a bowl that is as rugged as your camping trips!

Select a Pet Travel Bowl That Helps Change a Dog’s World

Now that you know what makes for a good, high-quality pet travel bowl you’re almost set to go out and explore the world with your dog. But, there is one more thing we’d like to add. Use your money for good – your purchase of a pet travel bowl can help change the world for the pets at the Valley River Humane Society.

Located in western North Carolina, Valley River Humane Society is a non-profit organization that seeks to reduce the number of homeless animals with their spay and neuter program. Their impact spans from Cherokee County to Graham County.

When you buy a Happy Camper dog travel bowl from Mountain Shiba, you’re supporting the good work the organization is doing.  With every sale, we give 100 percent of the profits to VRHS. Purchasing a Happy Camper dog bowl can help make a difference in a dog’s life.

Now, Go Have Fun!

It’s truly hard to imagine a life without our fuzzy BFFs by our sides. And, while they may be messy and a bit rough and tumble, at least I know that their shenanigans can’t destroy their Happy Camper pet travel bowls. Which is a good thing since we use them all the time. We have one in every color, and store them in the car, camping gear, backpack, and even in our walking pack. Because you just never know when your dog is going to want a little drink.

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