Let’s Celebrate National Dog Rescue Day

Let’s Celebrate National Dog Rescue Day

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National Dog Rescue Day is May 20th

Every year, May 20th is celebrated as National Dog Rescue Day. It’s a day to honor your four-legged family member you brought home from a rescue or shelter organization. This brave survivor has likely endured inhumane living conditions. To a loving dog parent, the extreme emotional and physical trauma caused to any dog is unimaginable.

It now counts on you for help in transitioning into a new life.

At Mountain Shiba we love all dogs of all kinds.  We stay true to our core that dogs are family! We also harbor a lot of respect for dog rescue organizations and all that they do. Listening to tear-jerking rescue stories makes us believe in the good in humanity right when we’re ready to write it off for good.

Our Adoption Story

We’ve also directly rescued a dog that was surrendered to Florida Little Dog Rescue, which has made our appreciation for rescue dogs even greater than we ever imagined.  Our latest success story is another Shiba Inu, which we named Luna and rescued almost three months ago. In her short life of less than a year, she had lived in two different homes, a foster home and with the rescue group. For a puppy, there are many periods of adjustment and having stability, love and nurturing is crucial to their well being. To this day, it’s hard to believe that anyone would have given her up.  But lucky for us, we were at the right place at the right time.  The rescue organization was in Orlando, Florida at an expo when we happened to walk by and spot Luna’s curly Shiba tail. It took about two seconds to fall in love with her and we immediately felt the desire to adopt her and give her a permanent loving home. This adorable, free spirited and rambunctious  pup was skinny, and her past was full of uncertainties, but she had a positive attitude despite her odds. We’re happy to report that our Shiba is doing very well. She now has two Shiba sisters and a human brother, is an absolute darling and loves having her belly scratched!

It’s important to Give Back

Coming back to rescue organizations, we want more people to know what they do. We feel like most of their efforts often go unrecognized, and unless you’ve spent time at an animal shelter, its hard to visualize what it takes to successfully run these organizations. In this blog post we’d like to particularly mention Valley River Humane Society for the amazing work they’re doing to rescue animals from abusive situations and finding loving homes for them.

The organization is located in the rural area of Graham County, NC. They play a heroic role in rescuing all the local animals in their vicinity. Their work melts our hearts every time. This is why we are running our Giving Back campaign where we will donate 100% of the proceeds from our Happy Camper Bowls to Valley River Humane Society.

Curious to find out more?

Click here to check out our Happy Camper Bowls. They’re durable, easy to clean, and functional. All proceeds of the sales will go to Valley River Humane Society.


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