Turdlebag Waste Bag Carrier

Turdlebag Waste Bag Carrier


We are always aspiring to find the best quality dog products for our pet parents.  We know the well-being of our furry family members is what matters the most to all of us. Our Turdlebag Waste Bag Carrier is one of those products that help to enhance the outdoor adventures we take with our dogs. We used to walk around holding poop bags when we walked Rukia and Saki before we discovered Turdlebags.



After discovering Turdlebags, we immediately put them to the test.  First, these poop bag carriers are extremely tough.  Made of a sturdy canvas-like material, the Turdlebag is easy to use. Simply place the plastic bag containing your dog’s waste into your Turdlebag and you’ll never have to worry about the scent interrupting your nice walks again!

Turdlebags help make dog walking, hiking, and outdoor activities more enjoyable. Plus, they contain a convenient compartment that can hold your keys, credit card or cash while walking your furry friend! The dispenser on the front of the Turdlebag has a Velcro flap that holds an entire roll of our Earth-Rated Lavender scented pick-up bags.

Turdlebags have a compact design. It conveniently attaches to your dog’s leash, harness or backpack. These poop bag carriers measure 6 inches in width at the top, making is easy to drop in the filled poop bag and 8.5 inches in height.  Once the Turdlebag has been filled, you just fold it twice and snap it together with it’s built in side release buckle.

The Turdlebag comes in red, navy blue and plum with more colors expected to be released later this year.


Turdlebag is the tasteful solution to “what to do with a full bag of poo?” Shop Turdlebags.






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