The Babington Collection

The Babington Collection

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Years ago, when I discovered The Kenyan Collection, all I knew was that my dogs were going to have some unique looking collars that were coming from Africa. In our world of instant gratification,  it was somewhat perplexing to think that it would take eight weeks for the collars to arrive.  But that’s only because I had not delve into The Kenyan Collection.  It wasn’t until I got my hands on Rukia and Saki’s Topi Beaded Collars, that I knew these collars were in a league of their own. There was an instant appreciation that had me wanting to learn more about The Kenyan Collection.


In the last year, a few new collections have been added to The Kenyan Collection. But, the Babington Collection has taken center stage because of it’s bittersweet story.


It means a lot to us to share stories of good people who do great things for worthy causes and Cindy Lay, The Kenyan Collection® owner is one of those people. TKC recently introduced The Babington Collection to its family of Kenyan Collection beaded products. At Mountain Shiba, we’re honored to embrace the Babington Collection.


Named after Kevin Babington, the collection was created to provide awareness for spinal cord injuries in support of The Babington Foundation.


Kevin was at the top of his game. He was an Irish Olympian international jump rider. A salt of the earth kinda guy that would easily give up his shirt to anyone. An amazing human being. But last August, he suffered a tragic fall that resulted in a spinal cord injury to his neck.


The equestrian community has always been at the forefront of Cindy’s life. So, in an effort to aide in Kevin’s recovery, Cindy and her team mindfully designed The Babington Collection. Every sale from The Babington Collection will receive a generous donation by The Kenyan Collection®.


The Designs of The Babington Collection

Argyle and Circle of Life are the two Irish-inspired designs that make up the exclusive Babington Collection. Each hand-tooled beaded product is custom made by the Maasai Mamas in Kenya and includes collars, belts, bracelets, hatbands and key rings.


The “Argyle” Babington beaded collars, bracelets, belts and hatbands are designed in alternating diamonds in green, white and orange, with some diamond shapes in multi colors. This very intricate design is so complex that only a handful of Maasai Mamas are currently trained to create this design.


The “Circle of Life” Babington beaded collars, bracelets, belts and hatbands are designed in hunter green vertical stripes, alternating with circles in orange, white and green beads on black leather.


Behind-the-Scenes Story

The Babington Collection are custom made items for you and your dog. The mamas showcase their combination of intricate skills to make the most eye-dazzling, quality hand-beaded products on the market. Whether or not you’ve experienced the artistic creation of The Kenyan Collection, the behind-the-scenes story by Rebecca Sanchez will surely leave you inspired.


Our four-legged tail-waggers are always eager to explore. And while the Babington Collection will enhance any city or off-the-beaten path adventure, along the way, it’s also making an impact on this remarkable athlete’s life.


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