Rugged Dog Lifestyle Without Sacrificing Fashion

Rugged Dog Lifestyle Without Sacrificing Fashion

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The bond between humans and dogs has existed for eons as these wonderful companions have helped us in many ways, and expected very little in return. As a pet parent, you can probably relate to the fact that your dog does genuinely like to be with you and always wants to keep you company. For many people, dogs are more than just a pet. They’re also a member of the family, that should be well cared for. One way to deepen the bond between you and your dog is to share your nearly every aspect of your life with them.

Your canine bestie won’t be around forever, which is why it makes sense to incorporate your dog into your life and create fun and loving memories with him or her. Having your dog join along in many of the things you do is good for your dog too. It helps him/her become well adjusted, socialized, and it allows your dog to exercise physically and mentally. Basically, a hardcore pet parent will want to take their dog with them for indoor or outdoor activities – and make him/her a full-time companion. It’s wonderful to engage in activities with your dog like running, biking, paddle boarding, hiking, and camping.

You can even have some incredible adventures with your doggy pal, like beach outings, dog yoga, doggie dates, lure coursing, etc. But one of the best things to do with your four-legged buddy is to explore the great outdoors. This can be a day, week, month, or full-time adventure – it just depends on your lifestyle. It’s fun to leash up your dog and get him/her off the paved path of city life and into the wilderness – it often brings out a dog’s innate joy.

What You’ll Need When Including Your Dog In Your Rugged Outdoor Lifestyle

Playing outdoors with your canine friend can be a lot of fun, while also helping your dog maintain peak physical and mental fitness. However, before you include your pet in your outdoor lifestyle, you’ll want to make sure to have some high-quality equipment that helps to keep your dog safe and comfortable… As well as make your dog look cute. Here is our recommended list of helpful gear.


Dog I.D. Tags

This is a must. Having your dog wear an identification tag with his name, and your telephone number is rule #1. Also, if your dog has any medical conditions, you’ll want to include this on the ID tag or add another tag. This will be key should your dog accidentally wander away. As you know, your canine pal cannot talk, so you will need to get him these tags as it increases the chances of a reunion, as well as continued care, should he get lost.


Dog Backpacks

Dog backpacks are one of the coolest items you can get for your fuzzy buddy. These lightweight and sturdy packs offer a great workout for your furry friend. And, they help your dog build endurance as he carries the things he needs for outdoor adventures, like treats, water, travel bowl, and potty bags. Each time you go out, let your dog carry his backpack a little longer/farther and soon you two will be hiking the Appalachian Trail together!


Dog Travel Bowl

When you take your dog with you on an outdoor adventure, you will need to give him food and water (at some point) to keep him happy and hydrated. You’ll want a collapsible bowl that’s easy to store, and one that’s made from food grade silicone for easy cleanup. Looking for a great travel bowl for your dog? Try our fantastic Happy Camper dog travel bowl – it has a durable and stylish design.


Dog Collar and Leashes

You might think your pup is trained to walk by your side when you’re outdoors. But that simply isn’t true. You have to help your buddy to stick by your side. Some hiking paths restrict your dog’s leash to a maximum of 6 feet. This is for your dog’s safety – it’s quite possible that he might run into or after something that might not be so doggy friendly (like a rattlesnake, bear, or even a porcupine). While a good collar can help keep your pooch safe, a great collar does more than just that – it makes your dog look cuter than he already is! Rugged meets fashion – that’s always a plus.

This is where our Kenyan Collection® Beaded Dog Collars stand out from the crowd. They are extremely durable due to being made with fine leather. They are high fashion with the ability to stay beautiful, no matter how “ruff and rugged” your dog may get. These hand beaded dog collars are crafted in unique patterns with bright vivid colors. Making them not only functional and pretty but also a work-of-art.


Dog Collars for a Rugged Lifestyle Without Sacrificing Fashion

The Kenyan Collection® collars available at are hand beaded and made by the Maasai Mamas, in Kenya, to be rugged and still look exquisite. Each collar is skillfully hand-sewn by attaching beads into a layer of leather after which a second piece of leather is glued and stitched to the back of the beaded piece for extra durability and comfort.

A look at the beautiful Kenyan collection collars might make you think they are solely a luxury item. And, while they are luxurious, they are as tough as nails and meant for everyday use. They come in a variety of vibrant colors and provide a comfortable fit, durability, aesthetics, and are truly unique.

Not only that – these collars help the Maasai Mamas, as they use their collar sale profits to sustain their community. By partnering with The Kenyan Collection, these industrious women are able to earn a living and compete in the global marketplace. That is something we have to support!


So, Get Outside This Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to revive your thrive and become an outdoor explorer. There’s truly nothing like being in the arms of mother nature with your furry best friend. It’s centering, grounding, and it reconnects you with what is important in your life. The simple things, like a walk in the woods with your dog – it can make life so very enjoyable.

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