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“Passion Flower” Beaded Dog Collar


The “Passion Flower” beaded collar has blues, a touch of glimmering lavender and leaf green on brown leather. These hand-beaded leather collars from The Kenyan Collection® are the perfect choice for everyday use.  Made in Africa by the Maasai Mamas, each collar is uniquely designed to be a work-of-art. They are as durable, as they are exquisite.

Made of either black or brown leather, the bead designs are hand-sewn into a layer of the leather, anchoring the beads every 3 to 4 beads for strength. An overlay of leather is then added, glued and stitched to the backing for long-lasting comfort and durability.  Each collar is hand finished with solid hand-cast buckles made from recycled brass.

A large stock list of products is maintained, however, from time to time your order might need to be produced in Kenya. We will send you an email with 72 hours to let you know if your order is currently unavailable. Orders that are in production may take 1 to 8 weeks for delivery. Thanks for your understanding and for shopping with us.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Maasai tribe, we offer Maasai beaded products as custom items to ensure continued sustainability for the Maasai Mamas.




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“Passion Flower” Beaded Dog Collar from The Kenyan Collection.  A fine leather dog collar that provides comfort and durability for the active dog. Made in Kenya, Africa by the Maasai Mamas and finished in the U.S.  These one of a kind beaded designs are a work-of-art. Available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes, some with matching leashes. 1-year guarantee with normal wear and tear. Rinse off, lay flat and allow to dry when wet.  Imported from Kenya, Africa. Allow 1 to 8 weeks for delivery.

About our collar sizing: IMPORTANT: MEASURE YOUR DOG’S NECK AND ORDER CLOSEST TO THAT MEASUREMENT. For odd sizes, we suggest you round up to the next size. If you must use a current collar in ordering, then measure only the length from the beginning of the leather/material at the buckle end to the hole that fits or is used at the other end.

ABOUT THE ARTISANS  – The Maasai Mamas

The Maasai are an ethnic group which inhabit southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.  In the Maasai culture, their distinctive customs and dress sets them apart. Their beaded creations distinguish age, marital and their social status, in other words. By partnering with The Kenyan Collection, they’ve been able to earn a living and compete in the global marketplace.  They live and work near their homes where they gather in small groups to share advice and stories.  As the Mamas bead the leather provided to them, their one-of a kind designs are created for The Kenyan Collection.


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