Nanook, the Amazing Rescue Dog

Nanook, the Amazing Rescue Dog


Take a look at your dog and imagine being surprised with news that your furry friend, who’s been your companion for years is a local hero. For most of us we undoubtedly would be amazed and in disbelief, but for one man in Alaska, this became a reality after learning his husky was saving lives on a trail near his home.

Nanook, whose an adventurous dog by nature, lives at the trailhead of a 24-mile long stretch named the Crow Pass Trail.  About half-a-mile from his home in Girdwood, Alaska (a resort town about 40 miles from Anchorage) is where the trail begins and this is Nanook’s starting point.  Recently, while on the trail, this amazing dog saved the life of a 21-year-old deaf woman who was on a solo hike. 

Had it not been for fate and the heroic efforts of Nanook, the hiker might not have survived. But what makes the story more compelling is that until recently, the owner had no clue that his dog, a modern day “Lassie” had saved other hiker’s lives.  

After realizing that the husky was completing the trail about ten times a year with strangers, the owner engraved “Crow Pass Guide Dog” on his collar, along with his address.  Apparently, it’s always been his thing to look toward the trailhead and keep the hikers company, while still enjoying his own adventures. 

Click the link to watch a video of Nanook’s life-saving adventure: Nanook, the Husky hero dog


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