Meet Mr. Wilson, the Instagram Rockstar

Meet Mr. Wilson, the Instagram Rockstar

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Imagine living each day through the eyes of your favorite social media celeb. Wondering where he will go, what he will do, what advice he will share, who he will motivate and whose life he will make better, all because you noticed and followed @mr.wilson_toyaussie.

Wilson is a social media sensation!

Mr. Wilson the toy Aussie

It’s a stressful world we live in where performance is highly overrated. Life is far too short to scroll through annoying posts on Instagram that don’t mean anything. But if you are a dog freak and love scouring for dog posts on IG, there’s one account worth following: Meet Mr. Wilson, the Instagram Rock Star!

The secret behind Mr. Wilson’s exuberant energy is his adorable personality. This super energetic toy Aussie isn’t your run-of-the-mill furball who looks cute for the camera.

No, he’s a human trapped in a dog’s body and wants nothing more than to interact with other humans… and dogs. His addicting personality instantly wins over both dog and human alike. At the end of the day, Mr. Wilson just wants to brighten up your day.

His Instagram career started with a few random clicks that went viral. Mr. Wilson loves feeding off of his fans’ energy, so if someone is excited to meet him, he’s excited to meet them. For Mr. Wilson, each day is like an adventure, a new theme, a new place to explore.

Wilson, the Adventure Pup

Mr. Wilson really loves having his photos taken and knows which pose to strike and when. He loves to enrich people’s lives with Instagram posts that overflow with positivity. Some dogs are more suited to tardiness at home, while others love springing into action at the drop of a hat. Mr. Wilson is the latter kind and is always looking for some high-quality adventure.

And that sometimes means having to wear the right adventure pup gear to look all-around awesome, even if it’s just for a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon. Mr. Wilson is a ball of nonstop energy, his favorite activity is playing fetch. He can’t get enough of squeaker balls and doesn’t miss out on the opportunity to show off his high-flying skills.

You can meet Mr. Wilson on his official Instagram handle here!

Wilson is an adventurous pup who loves urban outings, going to the beach, hiking, and just having fun at home with his family.  Aside from his celebrity status on Instagram, we’re excited to introduce Wilson as the official Mountain Shiba Adventure Pup.  Visit our Adventure Pup collection at to enhance your journey with the family dog.


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