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Rugged Dog Lifestyle Without Sacrificing Fashion

The bond between humans and dogs has existed for eons as these wonderful companions have helped us in many ways, and expected very little in return. As a pet parent, you can probably relate to the fact that your dog does genuinely like to be with you and always wants to keep you company. For…

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Must Have Features in a Pet Travel Bowl

Having the right pet travel bowl can make or break a day spent outdoors with your fuzzy BFF. There’s nothing quite like enjoying nature together with your dog. Whether you’re camping or just taking a fun day trip, travel bowls are an essential pet accessory that can help keep both you and your dog happy. …

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Adventure is what you make it to be

Life is never what we plan for it to be, is it? And honestly, that’s a good thing! Humans, just like dogs, need adventure. We need to be challenged, we need to learn, we need to explore. I often think that’s why dogs and humans are like two peas-in-a-pod. Dogs, just like us, love adventure.…

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Pet Poison Prevention Tips for Dog Parents

Pet Poison Awareness Month is in March

March Is Designated as Pet Poison Awareness Month. Since March is “Pet Poison Awareness Month,” we wanted to help you understand the potentially harmful pet poisons that are in your house or yard.  Pet Poison Awareness can help keep your dogs safe and healthy. While some pet poisons may seem obvious, like antifreeze, some are…

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Planning for Springtime

One of the best things about knowing that spring is on the horizon is planning for outdoor trips and hikes with our  dogs. We’re excited for the springtime season to return so we can get outside and play with Rukia and Saki in the sunshine, and maybe even take them on camping adventures to the…

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How Dogs Can Change Your Life

With the holiday season over, we start the new year with a fresh zest for rebirth. There is nothing more reinvigorating to the human spirit than adding a dog to your family. Dogs have a very simple way of bringing happiness into your life, sometimes in big ways but more often in small, micro moments…

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Nanook, the Amazing Rescue Dog

Take a look at your dog and imagine being surprised with news that your furry friend, who’s been your companion for years is a local hero. For most of us we undoubtedly would be amazed and in disbelief, but for one man in Alaska, this became a reality after learning his husky was saving lives…

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5 Helpful Tips for Protecting Your Dog in Emergencies

May 12th marks yet another National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day and we should be thinking about having a plan in place to accommodate and guarantee the safety and well-being of our most precious and loved fur-kids. In celebrating this year’s National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, here are 5 helpful tips for protecting your dog during…

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Lowe’s, thanks for the Hospitality

Shopping with your dog can be an extremely rewarding experience. You feel so proud to be a pet parent and you want the whole world to know it. So, taking your dog along when you’re out running errands can make the day seem extra special for the both of you, or in our case, the…

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What It’s Like to RV with Dogs

This couple is living the dream. As full-time RVers, they get to spend 24/7 with their dogs and what could be better than that? See the video, as they share their story and provide helpful tips to consider when RVing full time with dogs. If you’re an RVer, check out our RV DOG ESSENTIALS and…

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