Meet Kratos, our Mountain Shiba Ambassador

Meet Kratos, our Mountain Shiba Ambassador

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We are so excited to introduce you to our new and very own Pet Ambassador, Kratos!



Kratos is an approximate 4-year old Shiba Inu rescue. He was recently adopted by his mom, attends college near Asheville and now has a family who loves and appreciates him, as all dogs should. His name is of Greek origin meaning power and strength and it could not be a more fitting name for this amazing little guy.  The road to finding our Mountain Shiba Ambassador was not an easy one for us.  There are so many amazing dogs out there that would have been a great candidate for the position, but it was Kratos who caught our attention, not only because of his sense of adventure, but he happened to be vacationing in one of our favorite places, the Smoky Mountains.  It’s not common to see a Shiba Inu in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and it’s especially uncommon to see one that enjoys the water like Kratos does.  All of these qualities intrigued us and as we learned more about him, we were convinced that Kratos was the perfect Ambassador choice for Mountain Shiba.



Every dog deserves to explore and discover new grounds and Kratos does not stop short for any adventure! Originally from Ohio, Kratos and his family have gone on some epic journeys together. Whether it’s canoeing at Nantahala Lake, exploring the mountains or just taking a simple walk around their neighborhood, this family takes adventuring to another level!


We are overwhelmed with joy to share our journey with such an inspirational pup like Kratos!  His passion for long walks, mountain hiking adventures, keen sense of exploration and his infectious high energy is something to be admnired. Not to mention, he’s naturally photogenic and just like our Rukia and Saki, Kratos is also a Shiba-Inu!


Kratos loves trips to the dog park. His enthusiasm for play-time and all-time favorite cuddles are just some of the many pawesome attributes that Kratos possesses. When playing in the park, Kratos’ shibatude can get the best of him at times, which is common for a Shiba Inu. This happy camper loves a really good petting and if you stop before he’s ready to be done he will paw at you very politely to request further pets. Just like any dog, Kratos lives in the moment. He is always exploring, seeking new adventures and touching lives wherever he goes.



With all these amazing attributes, Kratos sounds like the perfect pup, but disguised behind his curly wagging tail, he suffers from Idiopathic Epilepsy, which is a condition of unknown origin that causes seizures in dogs. A few weeks after Kratos was adopted he experienced the first seizure episode. His mom quickly acted upon the situation and took him straight to a neurologist. Luckily, with proper medication and a treatment plan, Kratos is now able to lead a normal happy life. Even with these speed bumps along the way, Kratos has not let his condition slow him down! In fact, he has become an inspiration to others through his courageous and adventurous life.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to share Kratos’ story with everyone! As the official Ambassador of Mountain Shiba, Kratos will provide feedback on our dog gear and help us reach out and touch the lives of many dog parents through his adventures and his passion for the outdoors.


It’s our core belief that you should “Bring your Dog on your next adventure.” For Kratos, the new chapter in his life has been a recent move to the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina, where he now attends Warren Wilson College with his mom. He’s already made new friends and in a short time has acclimated to his new adventure.


  • FOLLOW HIS ADVENTURES on Instagram @shibakratos and his College adventures @WWC_doggos


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