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Lowe’s, thanks for the Hospitality

Shopping with your dog can be an extremely rewarding experience. You feel so proud to be a pet parent and you want the whole world to know it. So, taking your dog along when you’re out running errands can make the day seem extra special for the both of you, or in our case, the four of us.

We were thrilled at the hospitality our dogs received when we visited a local Lowe’s store in Murphy, NC. After making a 30 minute trek to get some supplies, we had decided that one of us would wait in the car if the dogs were not allowed in. But, when we arrived, you can’t image the excitement we felt when we saw the sign on the door welcoming family dogs.

Life was good and we were all happy to be there.

Going through the isles was fun, as they were greeted by customers and the Lowe’s employees.

She made herself at home and laid down for her afternoon nap.

Dog Friendly and trolley service, what a cool store!



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