Four Reasons why Dogs are our Family Members

Four Reasons why Dogs are our Family Members


We love our dogs not because we merely think they are family but because they actually are a part of our family. In fact, they are an extension of our own lives!  

We love them the way we love our children. It doesn’t matter how naughty they’ve been, or how many times they chew up our shoes and go to sleep on our favorite armchair. And we love them all the more because they share their lives with us for such a preciously short span of time.

Let’s explore why our furry friends are actually like our own family members:

1. You Take Them with You on Camping Trips

This is one of the best ways of bonding with your furry four-legged family members—and it is not as difficult as it looks anymore. There are so many camping sites and trails that will welcome Fido that you should not worry. All you have to do is pack the right gear so that both of you can enjoy the trip.  A handwoven dog collar is perfect for camping because it’s comfortable and durable, plus it will certainly make him look grand.  One of our favorite designs for the fall is the Harvest Chevron Handwoven Collar, but there are so many other to choose from. And at the same time, it will also have his name and address as well, in case he gets lost. Apart from that, there is plenty of other adventure gear for family dogs that you can take with you for that unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

2. You Give Them a First and Last Name

Your dog has a first and last name. And why not? After all, your kids have them too. And when you want to snuggle on the couch you will call him by both his names. That’s just the way it is.

3. You Can’t go Shopping Unless you Buy him Something

It does not matter if it’s the latest trend in dog apparel or an outdoor bed, like the Scout & About dog bed that adds stylish comfort to any camp site, the fact is that as dog parents we tend to want the best of everything for our dogs. What was once a trip to the local supermarket for all our pet’s needs has become somewhat of a shopping experience.  Whether it’s a dog toy or a new leash or even a new brand of dog shampoo,  you just can’t help buying him a treat or two when you’re planning the next adventure.

4. You Can’t Possibly Imagine Life Without Him

Dogs add so much meaning to our lives and once you make your fur-kid a member of your tribe, you miss him when he is not around you. And the feeling is mutual. You both look forward to that moment when you will walk through the door.  And, no matter what kind of day you’ve had, your dog is there to make things better. There are so many more reasons why our dogs are family members, but it’s the mere love that we feel for them that’s most important.

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