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Do you remember life before dogs? Rukia and Saki came into our lives in 2013 and that's when our adventure began. It was only a few months after me and my husband became dog parents, that we realized our world had changed. Suddenly, the simple life made so much sense to us. From their first adventure, our Shibas taught us a valuable lesson - that we should live each day like an adventure!

From the beginning, we wanted to give Rukia and Saki the best of everything... and it all started with a Kenyan Collection collar. At that moment, it was clear to me that I would never sacrifice quality on any product that my dogs needed.

It wasn't until the Fall of 2015 that our path would lead us in a different direction. After watching an HGTV show about Bryson City, NC, we decided to take a four day trip on a whim. I've always loved the mountains and this town felt like home to me. One night while walking in downtown Bryson City, NC, the vision for our brand was born and we named our company Mountain Shiba, after our two greatest loves.

I know how much your dog means to you because we are dog parents too. Every product on our website is of the highest quality and we only sell products that we use on our own dogs. Our goal is really simple... to provide like-minded dog parents with a curated collection of the best quality gear for their furry kiddo.

As a family business, we think of our customers as friends and we want you to know that you and your pup mean the world to us. If you ever have questions or comments, give us a howl or join our dog community on Instagram


Arlet & Ralph


Behind Mountain Shiba

In 2013 our son expressed an interest in having a dog. At first, his dad was against the idea, but quickly changed his mind when he learned more about the Shiba Inu.

It was then, ironically, that his father began to do all the research on these dogs and after about a month or so of visitations, we finally stumbled upon our first Shiba Inu. Rukia was so full of energy and had such a spirit about her so we knew she was the one.

It was a real learning experience for us, very akin to bringing home a baby from the hospital and having to prep the house to make sure it was a safe environment for the puppy. The main difference being that this baby was always on the floor and didn't wear diapers, meaning there were a few mishaps in the early days.


Rukia adjusted quickly and became quite comfortable with her surroundings. Although, we noticed that there were times when she seemed a bit underwhelmed. She needed a sister. And so, just three months later, our second Shiba Inu, Saki came into our lives. At first, it didn't go too well, as the established one saw the newcomer as a threat to her dominance ~ but over time they learned to co-exist. Now they do almost everything together; they play (ruff), eat (with one often finishing the leftovers), sleep (lightly), and bark at strangers. Well, howl...

They may sound like "the average dog", but it's during those in-between moments that their personalities shine. Saki will do anything you say, and Rukia wants everything her way. Rukia is better with people, and Saki is better with dogs. And likewise, they both take different approaches to the unfamiliar and the new, making each day an adventure.


The inspiration behind Mountain Shiba

Some dogs are more suited than others towards outdoor adventures. Even outings can be a struggle at times. All dogs have different levels of potential. Some you can go on a hike with, and others, to an outdoor café. It doesn't matter where your furry family member is from, or what they're used to, whether they be country dogs, or city dogs, or even suburban dogs - it's about giving them exposure.

Bring your Dog on Your Next Adventure!

P.S. Rukia and Saki now have a new sister named Luna which we recently adopted. They are the Official Shiba Team at Mountain Shiba and you can follow their adventures on Instagram @adventures.of.rukia.saki.luna

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