Adventure is what you make it to be

Adventure is what you make it to be


Life is never what we plan for it to be, is it? And honestly, that’s a good thing! Humans, just like dogs, need adventure. We need to be challenged, we need to learn, we need to explore. I often think that’s why dogs and humans are like two peas-in-a-pod. Dogs, just like us, love adventure. You can see it their entire bodies, as they shake off their winter doldrums and bask in the newly burgeoning, warm sunshine of spring.

 The Joy of Adventure

What does adventure mean to you? To us it means joyful fun. This came to us one day while we were sitting on a wet log, watching our Shiba’s, Rukia and Saki, ignore the rain and run joyfully about on the beach. The wet sand, dug up from their frolicing paws, was being tossed about and they were getting dirtier with each play bow. But they didn’t care. We did. They were having fun, we were focused on being wet and having to clean our dogs. We weren’t in the moment. Our mindset didn’t allow us to have an adventure. Clarity! Let it all go, enjoy the fun moment and know the joy of adventure.

From that moment on, we focused on creating adventure. Whether it’s a walk through our neighborhood, going for a run in a park, or camping in the mountains. As long as we have our family and our dogs, we are on an adventure. So, now we intentionalize our great adventures, plan picnics, and ways to have more outdoor fun. Coincidentally, or maybe not so much so, this is when we also started to explore the Scout & About outdoor collection.


Our Picks for Dog Gear

Now, whenever we get ready for a day hike, or romp to the beach, we add a few essential things for the dogs in our backpack and hit the trail. Our adventures now include rugged and easy to clean rope toys that can withstand all day tugging, wipe down and easy to roll-up chill pads, a fold-away pup tent (which I’ve been known to share with them) and a collapsible water bowl. It’s amazing that by adding these go-to dog supplies, our journeys have become more adventurous and free-spirited. We hike in the woods, or down to the beach, and make our home-away-from-home wherever the mood strikes us, thanks to our rugged, waterproof pup gear. 

Oh, but don’t get me wrong. We still include treats, and some human goodies too – mostly snacks and some drinks to nosh on while we play the day away with Rukia and Saki. Honestly, we pack a few extra Scout & About chill pads for us to sit on, because they keep us dry and they are super easy to clean off. It’s funny though, because the dogs somehow think that we’re using their items, and let out little howls (or grunts) to let us know their displeasure… Shiba Inus, am I right?

Well, even if we have to share ‘their’ things, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, whether we’re on the coast or in the mountains, we get to explore new areas of the towns that we thought we knew so well with our pups. That is part of the joy when you wander outside of your comfort zone. Things are new, experiences are rich, and you get to strengthen your ability to let go and let be.

A New Outlook on Adventure

We are thankful for that earlier wet, dirty afternoon at the beach where we were anything but joyful. By sitting there, getting grimy, and grumbling that our dogs didn’t care about the weather we began to hear ourselves complain. When we realized that the fun was passing us by, and that if we just gave in to it we could enjoy the moment and be a part of the adventure. We saw things in a whole new, grateful, light.

What are you waiting for? Don’t just sit on the sidelines, go on an adventure… Even if it’s in your own backyard!


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