3 Reasons to Get A Luxury Dog Bed

3 Reasons to Get A Luxury Dog Bed


There are many reasons why you should get a luxury dog bed. But the one on top of the list would be the fact that you are a pet parent and they are your children. After all, you do sleep on a warm bed yourself and so should your dog.  Our luxury dog beds from P.L.A.Y.  feature elevated sides for ultimate support, making them ideal for your four-legged family members.

A Soft And Comfy Place

If you want to spend a quiet day just relaxing at your home with your dog, you can think about getting that perfectly soft and comfortable place—a place where your dog will be completely at ease. The dog bed’s warm and earthy colors will ensure that his colorful and comfortable pad will become his home within a home in no time at all.

A dog bed that fits your pet’s sleeping needs will keep him happy and also regulate his sleeping patterns with your own. However, it is important that you get him the right sized bed. If it is too big or too small, he might not want to use it. Always remember that larger dogs will need larger dog beds.


 Health Reasons

Sleeping on a hard and cold floor or other surfaces can be harmful to your beloved dog’s health. In the case of older dogs, a comfortable dog bed such as our California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed can easily be used to help ease the ache of getting older and at the same time relief life’s daily pressures and stresses. Ideal for larger and/or older dogs who need extra lovin’ on their joints, this luxurious bed beckons your furry friend to curl up on its memory foam center and snuggle close to its plush bolster sides, filled with eco-friendly PlanetFill® stuffing. The center cushion is protected by a water-resistant liner for those unexpected accidents.


They Are Easy To Clean

Yes, you may regularly sweep vacuum and mop your floors, but let’s face it. It is still not the cleanest place around when it comes to taking a nap. Once you buy your favorite four-legged companion a dog bed, you can rest assured that he will remain clean and protected from harmful germs and bacteria. And best of all you won’t have to worry about him tracking in all that mud, snow and dirt from outside. Not only are luxury dog beds easily washable but they also come with easy to remove liners which make them a breeze to clean.   Dogs can get into the habit of wiping their noses and eyes on the surface where they sleep. This means that they can be prone to various infections.

A luxurious dog bed can take care of the problem easily enough. The ability to toss it into the washing machine is absolutely integral to a good dog bed. And you can use anti-bacterial detergents as well to get rid of germs and bacteria. This way, your dog will be happy and comfortable and safe from allergies too.

A luxurious dog bed is as integral to the health and happiness of your four-legged family member as a real bed is for you.   If you’re looking to liven up Fido’s bed collection, why not spruce up your living room as well!  Our lounge beds from P.L.A.Y. are made from 100% natural cotton fabric and come in a variety of unique color patterns to keep your pup lounging in style all night long.  Add a lounge bed, pillow bed or memory foam bed to your home and give your furry friend the bed of their dreams! They will love you all the more for it!



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